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Gelatin Bioglass Rotomolding


Tapioca Bioplastic


Gelatin biofoam Casting




Gelatin bioglass


120ml Water

2 TPS Gelatin powder

0.5 TSP Glycerin

Making Bioglass:

Prepare your work station\casting object - rub a thin coating of a release agent on your surface (soap\oil).

Pour 2 TSP of gelatin powder into a tall pan.

Pour 0.5 TSP of Glycerin into the pan.

Pour 120ml water into the pan and mix all together until all lumps are eliminated.

Put solution over medium heat (stove\induction burner\hot-plate) and keep stirring.

Stir until solution boils. When solution boils quickly take it off your heat source.

let solution sit for a few moments then scoop out the foamed surface.

Pour\dip\cast onto your prepared surface.

The solution will set in about five minutes.

The solution will fully dry in five days.

*Gelatin bioglass biodegrades in boiling water.

*The bioglass even after it has fully dried will turn rubbery when i contact with water, but then will harden again when dried.


Gelatin Biofoam


150ml Gelatin powder

200ml Water

100ml Glycerin

50ml Honey

5ml Dish soap

5ml Listerine

Making Gelatin Biofoam:

Pour 150ml of gelatin powder into a tall glass.

Pour 200ml of water into the tall glass of gelatin while stirring.

Pour 100ml Glycerin and 50ml Honey together into the tall glass of the gelatin and water.

Heat solution over medium heat (stove\induction burner\hot-plate\microwave) mix every once in a while until all lumps break down and you are left with a smooth solution.

Pour solution into a mixing bowl, add 3ml dish soap and start whipping the solution.

After about 1 minute add 5ml listerine and 2ml dish soap. Keep whipping for about 4 minutes or until solution starts to resist.

Cast your foam over desired surface.

wait about 5 minutes to dry.

*Foam biodegrades in boiling water.


Remelting Gelatin Biofoam:

Prepare a half filled pot with boiling water, and a bowl you can easily place (you need to be able to put the bowl over the pot but also easily take it off).

Rip foam to small(ish) pieces. then place inside the bowl.

Place bowl over the boiling pot of water and let the steam melt your foam.

Fold and mix melting pieces until you are left with a smooth solution.

Cast your foam over desired surface.

*You can repeat this process however many times you need.


Tapioca Bioplastic


1 TBSP Tapioca starch

4 TBSP Water

1 TSP Glycerin

1 TSP Vinegar

Making Tapioca Bioplastic:

Pour 1 TBSP of tapioca starch into a tall pan.

Pour 4 TBSP of water into the pan with the tapioca starch and mix together.

Pour 1 TSP of glycerin into the water-tapioca solution.

Pour 1 TSP of vinegar into the solution. Then mix all together.

Put solution over medium heat (stove\induction burner\hot-plate) and keep mixing.

Mix and collect solution while it is turning from liquid to paste.

When no liquid is left in your pan turn off the heat and spread the tapioca bioplastic paste on your desired surface.

Wait seven days for solution to fully dry.

*Tapioca bioplastic biodegrades in compost.